Sex and the City

Well this is the first chance I have had to comment on the Sex and the City World Premier because I was straight out the door and at the cinema to see it for myself….

And my… ladies, if you are all avid fans like I am then you will love love love it!!! Every female in the audience was gasping, laughing, crying and laughing all over again! The clothes were amazing, the jokes hilarious and the storyline, without giving anything away, is heartbreaking; a few twists and turns definatley threw me for a loop!!

Anyways…. the world premier,

Sarah Jessica parker looks very pretty in this Nina Ricci dress but I feel like its a bit too big, she looks a little bit like a girl whose got on her mummy’s dress. From the waist up it a stunning dress but I think there is just far too much fabric going on at the bottom.

As for the rest of them…

Wowee! Kristen looks like an old school sex vixen, appropriate for the movie and totally contradicting the prim and proper look we are used to seeing her in. The tumbling waves and the cute ruffles on this Donna Karan dress makes Kristen, in my opinion, looks so young and sexy!

Kim Cattrall’s Vivien Westwood mettalic dress is amazing, I know there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction prior to the event but you can’t even tell! She pulls this dress off better than any twentysomething! Although… what is going on at her bum area…. not too sure about that?!

Cynthia Nixon seems to have stuck with the floor length dress style for each premier, which would normally strike me as a bit boring, but on each occasion I feel like she has truimphed the look every time and this Narciso Rodriguez really is the icing on the cake! The sulty hair and white halter neckline is all very Marilyn Monroe-esque and proves Cynthia has been the dark (fashion) horse of this premier!


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