Nosey at other peoples outfits online.

I have discovered a new and original social platform called I Like My Style; a networking website for folks like us who love fashion. However, what differentiates I Like My Style from the other fashion networks such as StyleHive etc is that rather than admiring the clothes we desire or have placed on a wish list, on I Like My Style you admiring each others style.

It is a website for fashionistas who (as the name suggests) like their style and want to show it off, users submit photographs of their style and fashion as they wear it in their everyday life, be it on the bus, in your kitchen or up a mountain. Not only does this give you to show your creative flare in fashion but give you the opportunity to experiment with photography as not all pictures are focused directly on a full outfit, images range from pics of peoples favourite jewellery to a random snaps of something that people find inspiring. It really is an eclectic bunch of fashion, style, photography and general fun-ness!

A random selection of photo’s that I found particularly cool.

I LIke My Style

I LIke My Style

I Like My Style


3 responses to “Nosey at other peoples outfits online.

  1. Very cool. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Your last sentence is the nicest blurb ever, thank you so much! And keep on spreading the news about the site 🙂

  3. Will do… its a really cool site! Will have to get a few pics up myself! 🙂

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