Dress you favourite celebs…

Does anyone else miss dressing up and playing with their Barbies?? I do… when I was 10 the highlight of my day was choosing what outfit to slip her into for her hot date with Ken! Well I can now relive this childhood game on fashion network site Stardoll. You may not be able to brush their hair or put them into sex positions (come on everyone did it!) but do get to dress up the likes of Anna Wintour or Justin Timberlake.

Stardoll, from what I can gather, is a social site where you can dress up your favourite cartoon celebrities (which, by the way, look freakily like the actual person!), it is kinda like the old paper cut out dress up game you had when you were younger but in digital format. It has to be the most bizarre site I have came across, but give it its dues it is very compelling and if I didn’t have a job I could see myself widdling away my day on it!

It is a very easy site to use, and the collection of different celebrities available is quite extensive, but each celebrity comes with a fixed wardrobe so you don’t have complete free reign over what hideous outfit you can inflict upon Paris Hilton. You can create your own doll, perhaps to look like yourself, and dress them up in the range of cartoon clothes available which may help if you were stuck for outfit inspiration I suppose… or maybe not, either way it is a super fun way to waste some time!

Anna was feeling in a very sombre mood today…


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