Alexis Bittar Jewellery

I have discovered a brilliant American jeweller called Alexis Bittar; creators of the most feminine yet fashion forward jewellery I have seen in a long time.

Alexis Bittar feminine jewellery

Each piece is beautifully linked to the next creating a timeless capsule collections of jewellery that would suit woman of any style and any age.

Alexis Bittar feminine jewellery

What, however, is most surprising is the fact that the creator of such delicate fancies is actually a man. Male or female, Alexis Bittar certainly knows how to taps into femininity in a new and refreshing way producing delicate pieces that I am simply drooling over!


One response to “Alexis Bittar Jewellery

  1. Hey this stuff is awesome! You should try checking out J Weber Jewelry, their stuff is FANTASTIC, I bought my Mom a necklace from there for her birthday and she totally loves it! I highly recommend it

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