Visa Swap, Vintage and Second Hand Bonanza

You’ve probably heard the buzz about a certain miss Lohan fronting the Visa Swap event… well I for one am super jealous that I won’t be able to make it to the big event this year, more so because this years event is much bigger than last year with menswear, an accessories room and a market for small jewellery and craft stalls.

If you don’t know what Visa Swap is, it is a big jumble sale of sorts… Visa Swap invites all fashion lovers to donate their unwanted designer and high-street clothing, shoes and bags prior to the event. In return for donating you receive points which can be redeemed for items on the day of the actual Visa Swap. All unwanted items left after the event are donated to clothing charity Traid.

So although not everyone can make the journey all the way down to London we can still benefit from Visa Swap’s tips for second hand buying and donating.

  • A garment’s true value lies not in its label but in its workmanship, a trashy Prada dress is still a trashy dress
  • Instead of being a slave to the dictators of trends, especially if you have to watch the pennies, buy classics and update them with customising, cheap accessories and layering
  • Have a general idea of what you need before walking into the store, it will help you focus on your search and you will be less likely to make a disastrous purchase
  • Make friends with the shop assistants, they know where all the good pieces are, but make sure she is a different size to you or she will already have snagged all the good things in your size!
  • Consider clothes one size above and one size below your actual one. Given the style and cut, it could fit perfectly
  • Read a current fashion magazine before hitting the shops, it will focus you on what to look for
  • Never buy an item without thoroughly checking it over for spots and tears
  • The quality of the fabric used in a garment is the best indicator of its overall quality. Good fabric usually means a good cut
  • Never ignore a piece because you don’t recognise the label
  • If you fall in love with something but feel it looks dated, imagine what it would look like if you changed the buttons or dyed it a different colour, use a little imagination and you could have a gem on your hands

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