Is anyone else a teeny bit fed up of Agyness Deyn??

I have to say I am getting a bit sick of seeing Agness Deyn everywhere… and I know I’m not the only one, as we all know Mario Testino got her chucked from the Burberry campaign.

Now don’t get me wrong I think she is gorgeous, a specific niche look but still beautiful, it’s all this hype surrounding her and her fashion buddy Henry Holland and how cool they and how cool their clothes are. Am I the only one not buying into the whole 80’s grunge look they seem to work?? I am in my early 20’s so this is not an age thing, maybe it’s a bad taste thing on my part and perhaps I don’t really know what is hip these days…

Agyness Deyn Fashion BlogAgyness Deyn Fashion Blog

Images from: Fab Sugar

Even though looking at the photo’s I do see there is a certain element of cool… the over riding thought going through my head when I look at it is ‘overkill’. Not to mention the fact that I think she is totally ripping off Mary Stewart Mastersons look as Watts in John Hughes 80’s flick Some Kind of Wonderful…

Some Kind of Wondeful Fashion Blog


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