I heart cuff sandals.

With the summer months finally here (if only the Summer weather would join it mind) my thoughts have turned to finding myself a nice pair of sandals… admittedly I have already picked up a fab pair from Bertie, but I am really on the look out for something a bit edgier!

Gladiator sandals would be the most obvious choice, but instead I am completely lusting over, as you’ve probably guessed already, the cuff sandal! I think I will be snapping a pair up pronto.

My only worry is that the big sock/cuff that covers your ankle may be a bit leg shortening and possibly widen your calf… which to be honest no girl wants. Short and stumpy legs aside, I still think these little puppies would look amazing with a pair of denim hotpants or a mini flowery sundress, just to punk it up a bit and give what ordinarily would be a twee summer outfit a bit of rock and roll… Although I would recommend wearing them on a sunny day, the sun tan marks would be very interesting indeed!

Two pairs on the left from ASOS, two pairs on the right from Topshop.



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