I cannot wait for The Edge of Love

The Edge of LoveYup, the title said it all… I cannot wait to go see The Edge of Love, not because I am a big fan of Keira Knightley or Sienna Miller (it’s a hit or a miss to be honest!) but because it is no doubt going to be packed with super duper 40’s fashion and clothing that I can sigh wistfully over!

It’s the same for The Notebook, I adored every single piece of clothing Rachel McAdams wore in the film, I also think its a brillian movie but thats a different convo to be had over a glass of wine with the girls. I think films like these are such a good way of inspiring new outfit ideas, I have only seen a few clips of the Edge of Love and I already want a Hawiian print dress to run around in this summer!

Keira KnightleyImage courtesty of MyCine Flickr

The movie is based on the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, it looks like it will be a romantic one, pipped as the nest Atonement. I’ll be going not only for the clothes but also cause it stars my fav actor of the mo Matthew Rhys, from Brothers and Sisters!

Matthew Rhys The Edge of Love Image Courtesy of BBC.

Here’s the official trailer!


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