Hallelujah for Priestess NYC

Priestess NYC FashionOnce again the yanks have produced another quality designer that I am loving, Priestess NYC!

I don’t know much about the brand but I do know that the designer Cody Ross ditched his high flying hedge fund career to become an urban and edgy designer producing fabtabulous clothes! So Double High Five to him! Woo Hoo! And double high five to us cause that mean we now can wear those fabtabulous clothes!

If this isn’t an excuse for me to take a long overduen shopping trip to the Big Apple then I don’t know what is!

The clothes are incredibly chic, and very Gossip Girl… must be a NYC thing! My favourites from the collection are the three dresses pictured, espesh the gold one which would look fab paired down with some calve height gladiator sandals!

Fingers crossed that they make the clothes available online sharpish, so us Brits can get the New York look too!

Priestess NYC Fashion

Priestess NYC Fashion


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