First glimpse at Colleen McLaughlin’s Marchesa wedding dress

colleen mclaughlin Marchesa wedding dress
Image: OK! magazine via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Here are the first glimpses of Colleen’s £100,000 Marchesa wedding dress, and I have to say she looks simply stunning! Not a tacky tiara to be seen! The couple spent a whopping £5m on the Italian wedding, £2.5m of which was courtesy of OK Magazine for the exclusive photo rights of their big day; I have to say that lucky Colleen looks like she finally got her fairytale wedding… lets just hope her goon of a hubby doesn’t bugger up the marriage bit!

Source= Catwalk Queen


12 responses to “First glimpse at Colleen McLaughlin’s Marchesa wedding dress

  1. Wow she looks fantastic. If only all the rest took a leaf out of her book. The dress really compliments her feminine personality and figure. Its perfect. If mine looks half as great I will be delighted.

  2. Yeah, but with WAGs unfortunately money can buy you a lot but it can’t buy you style!
    I agree though, Colleen looks fab.

  3. I think the dress resembles one of toilet paper dresses you may make at a Bridal Shower for a party game. Too flouncy.

  4. i think coleen look stunning. It all looks effortless. i love te subtle make it really goes with her is really complimentary towards her fad figure and tan!!

  5. I love it! The one day in your life you wear the big dress! I’m fed-up with seeing plain, boring and frumpy wedding dresses .. she looks amazing!

  6. colleen looks lovely, wayne has done well.

  7. colleen looks a million dollars

  8. As always Coleen looks stylish and fresh. Her beautiful complexion and elegant hair style look so classy and her lovely natural happy personality shines through. I agree , most other orange , ‘blinged up’ WAGs look false and trashy next to her.

  9. charlene cochrane

    i think coleen looked very beautiful and natural i think her dress was amazing looking! stunning

  10. i love coleen ,i think ere dress was amazin like ere it was so classy look boss coleen ….

  11. i want a dress just like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Her dress is lovely. Now that she is finished with it, she should trash it and the shoes she wore in the mud or the sea. That would be tasteful

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