Pitfalls of Primark

I just read this post and had to laugh, it totally sums up my feelings for Primark completely, however I do have even further issues with Primark.

As the items made for Primark are done so en mass it is entirely impossible to avoid going anywhere without bumping into someone wearing exactly the same outfit; I used to work in a high street shoe shop and the amount of times we all turned up in the same dress from Primark is unreal. Even funnier is that one of my friends, not a big fan of Primark, decided to buy a cute summer dress for a Uni thing. Snapping it up for £8, she was chuffed to bits, that is until she walked down the road and a group of students laughed shouting over, across the street, something about her dress being a Primark! Nightmare! Another story, my mum was on holiday in India on a trek of some sorts, they had been walking for around 2 hours in this quite touristy area of India and had not bumped into another English speaking person at… as she was walking across a quite precarious wooden bridge, she tells me that a bright orange and slightly ghastly woman rushed up to her exclaiming thank goodness that they had found other British people. When my mother asked how the woman knew she was British she replied it was because she recognised the top from Primark…

I know a million horror stories like this, I would like to say that I don’t think there’s anything wrong about shopping in Primark per say, I enjoy it as much as the next bargain hunter; it’s just the fact everybody and their brother shops there that puts me off. I really find it unsettling to be walking down the road in a Primark dress and bump into someone else wearing it horrendously; it just spoils my outfit, I know I sound like a snob but I can’t help it. Plus, when I see someone else wearing a Primark creation, I immediately identify it as being Primark and if I like I’ll go get it; now when I wear an outfit I don’t want people to recognise where it’s from nor do I want everyone else to be wearing it… with Primark you simply cannot avoid that happening.

Primark Fashion by Kirsty Lee

However, looking at Kirsty Lee’s outfit, although it is Primark, she has put it all together well and it doesn’t scream Primark like the cheap floral skirts etc do… she has done what I often do, avoided the bright garish printed and flouncy items, and went for some basic items but she has worn them in an incredibly stylish way (she totally pulls it off… not sure if I do it so well..). When she has chosen something that may be identifiable as Primark, such as the boob tube and the hat box, she has used her creativity and style to turn it into a unique item; throwing in the cute designer shoes just seals the deal really.


2 responses to “Pitfalls of Primark

  1. Hi! I’m Romanian , i live in Romania and i visited London and Norwich a couple of times. Of course i went shopping … of course i discovered Primark and wanted to buy half of the store, because it was different from what we have here etc. I made some nice acquisitions and went happily back home in Bucharest aaaaand tadaaa! after a month or so i met a girl with a sweater just like mine ! geez it’s like .. 4000km away!( that’s…many miles ) . Anyway, what can i say , if you want to meet fewer people who wear the same clothes as you do … shop in Bucharest (?!) 😛

  2. Cogitations Anonymous

    I agree! I hate it when everyone wears the same!

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