Daisy Lowe to be the new Lauren Conrad for the Hills UK stylee.

So the rumour is that Daisy Lowe is set to become the star of the British version of The Hills… I’m not sure what my thoughts are on this… hmmm… watching a half hour long episode of Daisy Lowe and Peaches Geldolf prance around thinking they are too cool for school and name dropping their ‘rock star’ boyfriends… I think not!

I really had no judgement on either of them, actually that’s a lie I used to think Peaches Geldolf was pretty stylish and fairly inoffensive except for the poor little rich girl act she maintains with all the shop lifting, drug taking blah blah blah, anyways, I had no opinion on them until I watched some programme on Glamour’s Top 50 Best Dressed List, and let me tell you- how annoying! Admittedly Daisy didn’t really say that much, not good news for MTV if they plan to focus an entire programme around her or perhaps she couldn’t get a word in over Peaches incredibly annoying nasal and slightly lispy chat which primarily revolved around her in a passive aggressive manner and rather condescendingly slagging off every other female on the list except from her ‘buddies’…
Now I am all for a bit of bitching, but really do you have to be soooo predictable, the whole I am too cool for school- its boring and enough to make me want to turn the television off! So if the lovely Daisy Lowe wants to turn the UK version of The Hills into a hit I’d suggest dumping Peaches, and picking up her cuter and much more stylish sister Pixie!

All this aside, I know I’ll still be tuning in… if anything, to see Peaches make a prat of herself!


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