I heart denim flares

I love skinny jeans, so much so that I have even went to the extreme of buying a bleached denim pair, but recently I have started to become irritated by them. For starters you cannot (well I can’t anyway) sit down without your top riding up and arse hanging out, not being a complete rake I also become increasingly conscious of my little muffin top that likes to occasionally pop out and say hello prompting me to only wear long tops that fall to my hips eliminating any chance of flab spillages.

I have put up with all these issues for two/three years now since the skinny jean became my staple denim diet; however I have had enough, I am making a stand, I have went out and bought myself the most non skinny jeans possible! The denim flares! I am not completely ridding myself of the skinny jean, I still love them like a fat kid love Krispy Kremes, but I am venturing out, I am trying new things and breaking my mould.

I picked my pair up from Zara and I love them, it really is refreshing to walk around without having to yank my jeans up every five minutes! I have wore them out and about, wearing them with a pair of mustard platforms I got from Office a million years ago and a crisp white shirt from Gap. I love them so much I even went all seventies and wore them with a boob tube and beads!

So you can imagine my hurt and confusion when I came across this post basically ripping my dearest denim flare to pieces! It was dated from 2007, and perhaps these people were skinny diehards at the time and knew no better, but some of the comments I think were a bit unfair and after a the tears had dried my hurt turned to anger.

One comment: “I think wide-leg jeans (high-waisted ones) do not flatter anyone! They make even skinny minny girls into saddlebag-loaded, giganta-butt-having silhouettes. yuck.”

I actually thought was ridiculous… the amount of girls I have seen wearing skinny jeans too tight for them with flab bulging over the band is unreal; and being a curvy girl myself (UK size 12, big boobs, big hips and a small waist) I find it hard to wear skinny jeans and not feel incredibly fat- which is not a nice feeling!

Hence forth I have compiled my reasons why flare/wide legged jeans are much better than skinny jeans:

1) They are incredibly comfortable, giving you plenty of room in the hips area, unlike the skinny jean where unless you’re a size 6 you probably have to sling shot yourself into them.

2) Wearing a jean that flares from the knee will elongate and slim your thighs by balancing the bottom half of your leg with your hips. Skinny jeans accentuates your hips well simply because it is following the contours of your body; if you have a big bum, then it’s gonna look big isn’t it!

3) There is much more styles and size differentiation than the skinny; on the high street I really struggle to find a decent pair of skinny jeans that fit my bum good; whilst with the flared jean as they do not hug every contour of my body it is much easier to find a pair that will suit my figure. Understandably not everyone will suit the mega flared style I have went for but there are varying leg widths with high waists or low waist that will suit most figures.

4) There is less chance of getting saggy knee syndrome; nothing worse than wearing a pair of skinnies and the knee starts to bag and sag- it’s incredibly unflattering and cheapens an outfit. As they are much looser, wide leg jeans avoid this.

5) I think flares are more fun; they hark back from the 60’s/70’s which I think gives you license to be more creative with them. Put on a peace t shirt or a daisy chain necklace, there is so much inspiration to be taken from their history that the rulebook gets thrown out the window.

Now I am writing pretty frantically here as I know there are more reasons why flared jeans are brilliant, but the only one that sticks in my head is simply because they are more flattering for us curvy girls. If you’re unsure of what to wear with them I have thrown together a little selection of goodies similar to what I will be wearing my ones with:

Whether you like the flare or not like I said before the hypes surrounding the skinny jean has let us forget the fact that they aren’t very flattering at all and they have been done to death they were very original at one point in time but have now became common as muck. We are walking around like a bunch of sheep (myself included) and I think the skinny jean may just have had it’s time, as sad as it may seem, but lets put them to bed for a wee while and give another jeans a chance to shine.


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