Keira and Sienna Edge of Love Premier

So here are the pics of the leading ladies from the Edge of Love premier, both Sienna and Keira looking lovely as per usual!

Sienna Miller Kiera Knightley The Edge of Love Premier

The more I look at these two outfits the more I love them, I’m not too sure why… they are both essentially fairly simple but I think that with Sienna working the rock and roll look, and Keira working the 40’s English Rose look then vixen at night (by the way, I sooo love her hair at night!), they both embody what is so brilliant about British fashion at the moment.

It sounds silly that I could come to this conclusion from looking at this little photo, but there are so many different looks and styles going on in London, Glasgow, the entire UK in fact, that when you see two outfits that essentially are quite generic, in the sense that I could walk down Buchanan Street and spot a few girls in pretty similar outfits, yet still looking so sensational it reminds you that we as a country are pretty stylish, we have produced some pretty hot fashionista’s, these two included, but that style also transcends down onto the streets, and I think you would be hard pushed to find another country or city working a red carpet where celebs are wearing clothes directly relatable to their fellow citizens….

Does this make sense or am I rambling…. Anyway cutting a long ramble short, I think their outfits look fab, they embody such cool and spunk which I think pretty much sums up what fashion and style our brilliant country is working at the moment. Rule Brittania!

Image courtesy of Catwalk Queen.


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