Leah Woods wedding

leah woods wedding

I suppose it has came to that time of year when weddings are the big news so hopefully you won’t be too annoyed that I am talking about another wedding… this time Leah Woods.

Her Midsummer’s Night themed wedding, I have to admit, does look a bit like a classier affair than Colleen and Wayne’s, and given that she is rock royalty the guest list read like a who’s who. One guest in particular caused quite a stir… Kate Moss! Surprise, surprise!
She turned up a fashionable ten minutes late, resulting in many tabloids accusing her of upstaging the bride… wedding faux pas aside Kate did look rather ravishing in her gold silk frock and brilliant blue velvet shawl.
kate moss jamie hince at leah woods wedding
I haven’t quite made my mind up about Leah’s wedding dress; it’s maybe a bit too cluttered and matronley for my liking! I like the silver and love the one shoulder style but don’t like the high neck and bandaged appearance of the bust; I do think though that this style suits her dainty frame and she pulls it off well.


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