American Apparel release jewellery range

As much as I want to buy into the American Apparel look that has been going on for a while I have really been struggling… for starters should lycra cycling shorts, leotards or all-in-ones, be worn by anyone over a size 10??

How to wear the American Apparel jewellery apparently

Anyways, as you can see I have just found out that they have started doing a jewellery range, which all the kids will no doubt be going crazy over… when I say jewellery I mean metal chains spray painted with gold stuff right, remove any illusions of good quality Tatty Devine style decorations which I too envisaged, this stuff looks like after one wearing your necks gonna be black and blue with a mild sprain.

Surely this 80’s electo, nu rave look must be subsiding?? Am I the only one who kinda hates it!?


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