I heart over the knee socks

I know its still summer… although judging by the weather you could be easily fooled, but I couldn’t resist snapping up a couple pairs of over the knee socks!

They have slowly been seeping into our fashionary sights; Carrie in the Sex and the City movie looked fab in both a grey pair and a Argyll print pair….

And they have been all over Gossip Girl like a bad rash, along with colourful tights and cute ankle socks worn with heels.

Gossip Girl starting the trends

Serena working some grey over the knee socks

However, watching fictional characters; one who can get their hands on the cream of the fashion designers, and the others who actually still attend school, both of which live in a somewhat more cosmopolitan city of New York, is one thing- emulating that same style I fear will be another thing entirely.

I picked up pair of grey knee socks and a black pair of stirrup over the knee socks from good old Markies of all places. After much debate I have came up with a few “rules” so to speak as to how to wear knee high socks.

Firstly if I am going to wear over the knee socks I want to pair them with mini skirts, for below the knee styles I think a skirt resting above the knee would maybe work best. I think that for both styles, to avoid the school girl look, wear mega high chunky sandals or shoe boots.


5 responses to “I heart over the knee socks

  1. OMG..I love them too! Good style tips 😉


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  4. The grey is nice because you can wear them with many different shades.

  5. does anyone know where i could get some?! ive been looking for ages but theyre mostly see through and rather rubbish

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