Backpacking holiday! Its madness!

I have finally booked a holiday! We are going to Italy to travel about a bit… I am kinda used to the sit on the beach and get wasted at night time kind of holiday so am both nervous and excited at the prospect of living out of a rucksack, yes you heard me, a rucksack for a week or so…

I hear all this malark about capsule wardrobes and stuff, I don’t buy it, I go on weekend trips with a suitcase! So you can imagine my predicament with trying to fit a holidays worth of clothes into one, yes just one, bag… a bag which I can also carry around easily! Joy of all joys!!

I have a few initial thoughts…

Topshop do some nice lightweight dresses at the moment for £15, team with little trainers during the day and stick on a pair of funky sandals at night. Another idea is to stock up on some harem pants, not the MC Hammer kind, but the Zara kind, and possibly some lightweight shorts, not linen though as it will look a mess. I think the key to all my outfits has to be that I can wear them both during the day and at night, when worn at night I will just spruce up a little summer dress with a scarf and nice earrings.

Heres a snap shot of the main ‘ingredients’ of my capsule Italy wardrobe…

…a few basic items with lots of pretty accessories for night time, oh and comfy shoes… I’m thinking a pair of Nike Air Rifts, expensive but probably worth it!

Ciao Italy! Here I come!!


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