Street fashion on Chictopia

I have discovered yet another amazing website that lets you have a nosey at other peoples fashion and clothing.

Chictopia is a fashion social network that allows users to upload images which are then voted for by other users.

karlacloset on chictopia

karlacloset working a cute rock chick look

The person with the most chic at the moment is a user called Karlascloset, she seems to have quite a following and I can see why, her style is effortless. What i can’t get over though is this girl, who is a student- high school or college I’m not sure, has like a million designer items; Louboutin shoes, Chanel bags… all the desirable labels. Ijust want to know how she can afford them? Is it the norm in LA (I think thats where she is) for young girls to run around with Chanel bags??

karlacloset on chictopia

working a casual look

Anyways, I really like her bold way of putting the clothes together, and the site in general is a very good place to get inspiration for an outfit. Rather than copying from the magazines, which I think can either look to high streety or just too die hard fashion (depending which mag your copying..) you can see fashion worn in a variety of ways, and in my opinion seeing other people wear such innovate fashion makes me think a little more about what I am putting on and how I am putting it together.


One response to “Street fashion on Chictopia

  1. i’m loving this site too!

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