Breakfast at Tiffany’s 50th Birthday

Can you believe it has been 50 years since Breakfast at Tiffanys?? Not that I was around when it was released mind! But it is still amazing to think that something that was made 50 years ago still holds so much weight.

Audrey Hepburn breakfast at tiffanys
Whenever the little black dress swings back into fasion we automatically think of Holly Golightly dressed to the nines, big hair, pearls, the works… Audrey Hepburn was and still does remain a style icon, her character in Breakfast in Tiffanys embodies the little black dress and I often long to wear one so stylishly as she does.

The movie itself is a classic, it has inspired so many love stories since, and I consider it one of my fav’s, up there with Dirty Dancing and Pretty in Pink! Lol! Happy Birthday Holly!


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