New York Mag = Bully

There is a bit of a row brewing on the fashion blog front, I don’t know much about anything but I feel like I want to wade into this bad boy cause bullys stink especially big powerful magazines that pick on 12 year olds.

The NY Times has published a somewhat nasty article about a 12 year old blogger called Tavi, her blog Style Rookie has been gaining a bit of a cult following, and as with anything that is different or popular we all have to piss on their parade (‘scuse the bad language!). I mean I head New Yorkers were supposed to be cynical but this was harsh.

I don’t read her blog (I am just a newbie I don’t know whose cool and who ain’!) but of course after reading the article I had to have a look over, and I don’t know what all the fuss is about…

Everyone seems to think she isn’t 12, does it really matter if she isn’t? If she weren’t would people stop reading it? I doubt it, she has a group of followers who will no doubt stand by her.

My opinion is that she is 12, just because she isn’t perhaps displaying the behaviour we normally associate with 12 year old (from pre-teen sluts – to kiddies still playing with Barbies) it doesn’t mean that she isn’t who she says she is. The reason I believe she is 12 is because she obviously loves dressing up and when I was 12 I loved dressing up too, her outfits look very eclectic and not like something I would expect many 20 years to put together. Her posts themselves although mature still retain a very children-ey element and I find the fact that she talks of Vogue and famous models refreshing in comparison to all the young British pre-teens that idolise people like Jordan and long for boob jobs.

I think that the New York Times needs to get off their high horse and pick on people their own size!


2 responses to “New York Mag = Bully

  1. you need to make a correction:
    the article was actually published by NEW YORK MAGAZINE, on their fashion blog, “the cut”. you have linked it, please note that these 2 entirely different publications, the times has nothing to do with it.

  2. OOPS! My mistake! Thank you for sorting me out!

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