Mini skirtize me!!

I don’t care if I have a big bum; I really want a mini skirt… like really bad!
I already own a sack top style one from Primark but given that it was bought for about £8 it is a little badly fitting. When I first got it I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about getting the ole thunder thighs out but after taking several baby steps (with the help of some very loud tights) I finally braved having my pins out!

Interlock Mini Skirt at AA

Interlock Mini Skirt at AA

My next venture is a mini skirt from American Apparel… you know which one I mean! The one that you see celebs wearing under loose tops in that casual Rachel Zoe L.A way, the one that I am actually positive I saw on Cameron Diaz looking a bit baggy…

Cameron Diaz working the mini casual

Cameron Diaz working the mini casual

the one that I will no doubt spend hours of anguish debating over whether my arse will actually fit into it, then I have the ordeal of how large and dimpled it will look (graphic I know, but hey I am a size 12- ok technically I am a 12 my bum is probably a 14 because I was blessed with one of those ridiculous bubble bums that nothing seems to flatter. At all.

Anyways, I am after a skin tight, spray on, sling me into it, mini skirt! I intend to wear it with pride, alongside all those skinny minnies, with old skool rock t-shirts, tanned legs and lots of chunky jewellery… maybe a few studs thrown in for good measure to ham up the whole 80’s look.

Another potential outfit has to be the vest top tucked into the mini skirt with the long cardigan seen on fashion icon of the moment Alexa Chung. Could I pull off a pair of deck shoes as well… I have a weird desire for a pair of beat up deck shoes, for a kinda preppy gone wrong look! Brilliant!

I quite like this look as seen on Susie Bubble, this may also be a wiser option for those with big thighs, the looser skirt on top masks any unsightly lumps and bumps… sounds good to me!

Wear the mini under another skirt for an edgy look

Wear the mini under another skirt for an edgy look


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