Two tone or not two tone…

I know that the blouse dress is all the rage just now… I’m not sure if that’s its official title but you know which dress i mean the one that looks like your wearing a high waisted skirt and a nice wee blouse, when in fact you are wearing a dress!

Well, I love that dress I have a really nice one from H&M’s which was intially a ‘going out’ dress but has now been relegated to my ‘work’ side of the wardrobe! I think a nice alternative to this dress maybe a two tone dress which would in my opinion most definatley stay in the ‘going out’ side.

I really like these styles in American Apparel;

Two Tone Fitted Mini Dress

Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Nightlife Dress

I think my next shopping trip I will deffo be purchasing of the yellow one! Woo Hoo! If I could afford it I would love to snap up these wee items as well to make the perfect outfit; given the tightness of the dress I feel I need to ‘masculinise’ it to make it look a little less Pretty Woman.

The watch is vintage Swatch, shoes are Louboutin and the rest is good ole faithful Topshop!


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