Head Scarfs… hit or a miss??

I am a keen buyer of scarves… I have a drawer full of them; vintage, high street and ones I have stolen from my parents (including a very funky biker one from my dad), I tend to wear them around my neck in a variety of fashions but we are being told that the hip and happening way to wear them now is on your head- a’la Thelma and Louise.

Jezebel posts an interesting blog on how head scarfs should be worn, along with discussing the impact such a fashion trend would have upon Muslim women who obviously wear a head scarf every day of their life. I don’t want to get into the religious side of things, fashion’s my game.

What does everyone else say? Is it a yay or a nay for headscarfs? I would love to be totally tally-pip about it, and wear it like our very our headscarf wearing fashion icon- the Queen… but there is a small part of me that would feel completely uncomfortable thus taking out any enjoyment of the accessory. In an ideal world where I would have the balls to wear a head scarf like such I would have to pair it with a bright white shirt, denim skinny jeans and some cute flat pumps… beautiful dahling!

Another way, which I often wear mine, is as a band around your head, like Rambo or like miss Ritchie as pictured. Its not quite as bold as covering your full head, but it is a very good starting point and if you buy a scarf this summer I would urge you to wear it like this as it funks up even the plainest of outfits.

Another lady not so afraid of wearing a headscarf or two is Amy Winehouse; she gives a nod to the war time gals with her yellow scarf

I think out of all the headscarf stylee’s that will be about this summer/autumn the one that I will be going for is the turban wrap look… it sounds a lot worse than it actually is trust me.
Here it is as worn by Ashley Olsen

Simple and classic, not too out there but just enough for my liking; this style has previously been seen at Prada and of all of the headscarf fashions I think this is the most elegant and it reminds me of old school Hollywood glamour which is something we could all do a bit of in our lives!!

A brilliant, brilliant resource for instructions on how to tie your scarves can be found at Texere Silk.

Great places to find scarfs include; charity shops, ebay, Topshop, United Colours of Benneton, Vera Moda and H&M… or perhaps raid your mum and grandmums wardrobe!


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