ASOS Hervé Léger lookalikey

Now I would do many a things to own this dress… it is simply stunning. End of.
Herve Leger Aveline bandage dress
It is of course a Hervé Léger bandage dress and it costs a cool £1,185. A tad pricey but apparently worth every single eeney meeney miney penny. Every celeb I seeing wearing one of these spray on creations looks fab, how forgiving it would be on a tits and hips girl like myself I am not sure… I don’t think spending the £1,185 is worth the risk to find out.

But I don’t need to feel to heavy hearted about my severe lack of funds… ASOS have produced a poor mans version, and guess what?! It’s on sale! Yippee!

Size 8 figure not included

This little puppy costs a mere £25, and fair doo’s I doubt it will hug my curves as delicatley or loving as ole Hervé’s will but given the price difference I don’t really care.


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