Return of the loafer

Yup! The time has come once again for the loafer to rule the world… well the fashion world anyways! No doubt no one else will actually give a damn, but I think that the loafer is gonna be big this winter.

Check out these sweet puppies:
Christian Louboutin Loafers
Call me crazy but are these not the greatest pair of shoes you have ever set your eyes upon, once again Christian Louboutin out does himself again. The heel, the patent maroon leather along with the loafer detailing is so yummy! They are essentially the perfect pair of shoes, why you may ask… 1) you can wear them to work with a lovely gray skirt suit 2) you can also wear them casual with a pair of skinnies and a nice white shirt, with both outfits looking equally as delightful as the other.

Now, I eased you into the whole loafer thing with the Louboutin… but prepare yourself for these bad boys.
These little Kasbien Penny Loafers hail from Topshop, I think they are like Marmite, either you love them or you hate them. Me? I love them! So much so that i might dare myself to go get a pair! High five me.

Do you not think they would be brilliant with nice black tights and plaid shirt dress? or maybe, nice crisp straight legged jeans and a good shirt? or maybe knee high socks and a cute dress…

Does it sound like I am trying to persuade you? Yes. OK I’ll stop. Like I said either you love them or you hate them. But if you do love them, my only bit of advice would be to not wear them with flare trousers… it would be a bit too Donny Osmond. Unless thats the look your going for of course.

Get them here.


One response to “Return of the loafer

  1. I sort of stumbled onto your site, but I have to agree that those Louboutins are gorgeous (aren’t they always?). The color especially stirs the imagination in what one could do with a pair…

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