Evening receptions… what to wear?

I have been invited to numerous evening weding receptions this autumn, what is the right thing to where to such an event?

Pastels, florals and chiffon are a bit of no no, seeing as I won’t be there for the exchanging of vows I think there is less a need for all the frou frou, essentially, when you are an evening guest you are there to party, so the appropriate wear would be party clothes correct? Well, yes and no, I think that for a young gal like myself it needs to be a careful mix of partywear and formalwear- avoid anything tarty and call me a prude but I still think it a bit dowdy to wear black, even to a wedding reception!

Seeing as I have two receptions, one a work friend and the other a very close friend (they are getting hitched in Italy just the two of them, v.cute) I figure i have the possibility of buying two dresses.

The first I have bought, was a find from Monsoon a long grey silk bandeau maxi dress. I am hoping to where this one to my close friends wedding, where I feel I will not be judged too much for wearing a very long maxi dress… I get the impression there is some unwritten rule that you should wear a long dress unless you are the bride.

As for my second reception I am not too sure, I don’t want to break any fashion faux pas the bride and groom may have so have decided to avoid the long dress… so I am now on the hunt for a formal party dress that isn’t too tarty… oh and isn’t white or cream…

Here’s what I came up with, all fairly inoffensive and will help me easily blend in with the ‘day’ guests! I would like to be low key, after all it isn’t my big day and I detest anyone who tries to outshine the bride… not mentioning any names (VB!!).

All Saints Chariot Dress

All Saint Chariot Top

ASOS Assymetrical Dress

ASOS Asymetrical Dress


River Island Prom Dress

River Island Prom Dress


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