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Loving these…

these little puppies!

All together now…. AH-MAZING!

Givenchy Chain Necklace

Givenchy Chain Necklace

Temperley Trinity Clutch

Temperley Trinity Clutch


I heart dirty stripper shoes…

Of late I have found myself picking up and admiring the most random of shoes… in particular shoes which would probably be more suited for a stripper! I like to call them my slut shoes!

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Girl of the moment… Katy Perry.

I wasn’t too sure about Katy Perry initially but I think that I have definatley warmed to her, she is super cute and has a courageous dress sense!

Katy Perry DG party Here she is rocking it out at a party hosted by D&G’, wearing of course D&G!

Isn’t she a betty! A kinda mix between Lilly Allen and Dita Von Teese! I really like her individuality, and for anyone who really admires Dita’s look but doesn’t want to do overboard I think Katy is the perfect example!

She wears a nice mix of vintage clothing, designer rags and high street, which I think could be highly achievable!

Check out Lulu & Red, ASOS and Topshop for playsuits and retro dresses. Don’t be afraid to experiment, go for mega glam 50’s hair with a cute flirty dress one day. Katy seems to be a big fan of corsages, but don’t pay over the odds for one on the high street- nip down to your local garden center and craft one yourself! Make sure you show off your womanly shape, nip in your waist with a colour belt or silk scarf! If you aren’t confident wearing short playsuits then I would recommend sticking on a pair of bright tights, have fun when your dressing, liven things up with a bit of colour I say!

Top image courtesy of Vogue

SATC Dvd launch!

sex adn the city dvd launch sarah jessica parker

Woo Hoo! one last chance for me to go on and on about Sex and the City!! As you no doubt already know, the Sex and the City Movie is released today and to celebrate they threw a party! Woo Hoo!

I sooooo love SJP’s outfit!! More so than any of the outfits she wore to the premiers! I love her new fringe and those shoes! I could have done without Kim Cattrals velvet suit… the velvet and the visible bra is all a bit yuk! Just something isn’t right about it all! I really like Cynthia Nixons outfit, the colour really flatters her skin tone but the bag could have been a bit more wow!

One question though…. where’s Kristen Davis??

The return of the catsuit!

Every Autumn I hear rumours of the catsuit making a big return yet it never seems to take off! Not sure if I quite have the figure for it but I do think that worn with the right accessories it can look fabbo, take a certain Selma Blair! Wowzers! I love it!
Selma Blair Cat Suit
She has the perfect figure for such a clinging and revealing all in one, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with a fuller figure though.
I have scoured… well had a wee lookey about… and collated all the best catsuits I could get my grubby virtual hands on!!

Here we go:
ASOS Sexy Chain Halter All In One
ASOS Sexy Chain Halter All In One
One Shoulder All-In-one
Topshop One Shoulder All-In-One
All Saints Bandeau
All Saints Bandeau

My fav out of all of them has to be the All Saints one… kinda reminds me of bad Sandy from Grease! But it is a bit spray on and no doubt very unforgiving on the ole hips so I will be giving it a pass, but in my imaginary world where I am a size 8 and mega rich I will be wearing it with my chunky Topshop fringed sandals, a loose plaid shirt for a bit of a Kurt Cobain look and an embellished Chanel bag.

I just saw this piccie of Agyness Deyn, which is an excellent example of how this bandeau all in one worn could be worn!
Agyness Deyn New York Fashion Week

Not too sure I would have chose the same shoes… it looks a bit tacky, and the hair makes her look like an android or something! No doubt millions of wannabes will follow suit though!

No one wears a hat anymore!!

I feel like Joanna Mastroianni got a bit a mixed review at New York Fashion Week… overall I thought the collection was fairly strong… the hook line and sinker for me though had to be her use of some old skool retro hats!

Joanna Mastroianni New York Fashion Week]
Isn’t this the friggin coolest outfit ever! Sooo glamarama!

Joanna Mastroianni New York Fashion Week
This one maybe not so much, but the 40’s glamour is still there!

Last year I invested heavily in the beret, sequinned, wool, chunky knit and the like in an array of colours. This year I feel like being a bit more courageous, I really like the following styles;
Helene Berman Wool Mix Bow Hat
Chapeau Claudette Hat

I’m maybe going a bit too much on the bow front, but heck they are supposed to be big this winter!

The main thing I would personally say about wearing such a “themed” hat would be to pair it with quite a plain outfit, or if anything go in subtly! I think the top hat would look super cute with a wee duffle coat and wee pumps!

Lovin her style!

Doesn’t Roisin Murphy look fab!?

Roisin Murphy nautical outfit

Taking the nautical look into winter Roisin Murphy looks as cute as pie in her white skinnies and nautical inspired jacket!

I’m not too sure how practical all that white would be but to copy the look I would recommend a smart navy trench coat like this Ralph Lauren number I spotted on Ebay. (not too sure about the dodgy wallpaper mind!)
Ralph Lauren Trench Coat

Designer lovers will also notice her fabbo bag! If you got major cash to burn I think a wee quilted Chanel chain bag look dapper! Yum Yum!