Gossip Girl Season 2

I am a bit of a Gossip Girl nut, I love it. I love the wacky story lines, I love the hunky boys, I love the fact that they are all supposed to be 16-17 but look about 25 but most of all I love the clothes and fashion.

I was heart broken when it all ended but I am almost wetting my markies pants at the prospect of Season 2 returning to our small screens… lucky US viewers can see the premier tonight!

I have done a major scout of the net and gathered some pics to let us see what is going on in the fashionary world of Gossip Girl this season! Woo Hoo!
Serena Van Der Woodsen Season 2 Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf Season 2 gossip girl
Blair and Chuck gossip girl season 2
Blari Waldorf gossip girl season 2
Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl season 2

I am loving it all, although it is all a bit summer and given that our summer seems to have officially ended it won’t be that translatable into my wardrobe at mo… bring back the woolly tights, duffel coats, and knee high socks I say!

For anyone looking to copy Blair’s white dress I would recommend Lipsy,
Ric Rac Bow Dress by LIpsy Ric Rac Bow Dress Lipsy

Finally…. Check out the YouTube Season 2 taster… Yes I know I am sad!


One response to “Gossip Girl Season 2

  1. does anyone know who designed/where you can purchase a head wrap like the one Serena wore to the White party in the season 2 premier?

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