I heart dirty stripper shoes…

Of late I have found myself picking up and admiring the most random of shoes… in particular shoes which would probably be more suited for a stripper! I like to call them my slut shoes!

Office party All Night PlatformThere is nothing more satisfying than slipping on a pair of mega high platforms, they lengthen and slim your leg, and even though they can be quite chunky in appearance slut shoes really make me feel sexy!

I like to wear these particular styles with something like a tshirt dress for a rocknroll look or with knee high socks, my favourite, and a girly dress. I would avoid anything too tight…. I like the slut shoes not the lifestyle!
Platform Shoe Topshop

Whats more not only do they look pretty good and make you look pretty good, they can feel pretty good too! Added bonus! The reason being, now this isn’t factual mere ramblings, because the platform lifts the ball of your foot there is less of an arch therefore your feets are much more comfortable! Although from my experience I usually end my experiences of wearing shoes such as these on a Saturday night completely inebriated so I perhaps I just can’t feel the pain through the Cosmo fuzz!

From my experience the places I have got the comfiest platforms has to be Aldo and Topshop! I have several pairs of platforms from both and never had a problem at all!

My second indulgence into my inner slut has to be boots! Not only knee high stereotypical whore boots but the calf length ones also! Which don’t exactly scream slut, but remind me of trailor park trash for some reason! Lol!

I picked up this pair from Peacocks:
Peacocks Calf Boots

A bargain at £18 I have to say! I wear them with a short dress and sheer black tights… and when I do I just remind myself of a 90’s Courtney Love… trailor pack trashy…. street walker! Lol! But for some reason I like it! I feel like maybe the fashion gods are trying to tell me something maybe!!


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