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Things to stock up on this autumn winter…


Wooden beads, Art Deco cuffs, super size necklaces and bracelets.

Gloves and Scarves

Fingerless gloves, pillbox hat, long gloves runched down, paisley silk scarf

The Bag

Fringing, Perspex, hat box old skool glamour, leather satchel ( I really like the leather kiddie ones!), grannie style.


Leather high boots (over the knee preferably), grey leather, ankle boot, jewelled flatties, decorative designs.


My favourite look so far…

Peter Som Spring 2009 new york fashion week
…This by Peter Som. It is so nice!! I am a big fan of blue as it is but throw in a bit of sparkle and a boyfriend belt and you got me hook line and sinker.

Marc Jacobs & Diane Von Furstenburg

Some more fun and games from New York Fashion Week;
MArc Jacobs 2009 ready to wear new york fashion weekMArc Jacob autumn winter 2009 new york fashion weekMarc Jacobs autumn winter 2009 ready to wear
I think that if Marc Jacobs has his way then hats will be making a big comeback this Autumn, I have no complaints about that whatsoever! There was much anticipation surrounding MJ’s collection and I think he deffo delivered! I am loving the return of the shoulder pad and the rouched front skirt (not sure of the technical term for this! Lol!). The whole collection will be very transferable to the high street and could be channeled without having to make any extravagant purchases. Teaming a big shirt with a high waisted mid calf skirt or popping yourself down to the charity shop with shoulder pads in mind (nothing too garish mind) and I think the rest of us could be working the MJ look quite successfully!

I especially love this outfit ->

Marc Jacobs new york fashion week
Diane Von Furstenberg 2009 new york fashion Diane Von Furstenberg 2009
A stark contrast from Marc Jacobs was Diane Von Furstenberg, above, all hail the return of girly! Being a girlie girl I love DVF’s collection! Check out the funky head gear as well- a bit of hippy meets Star Wars! DVF’s collection is visually stunning and so theatrical, perfect for summer 2009 (I know 2008’s has only just finished, but forward thinking guys!). Something that we can be working over the winter though; a long cardigan nipped in with a belt, preferably a nice rustic looking belt- nothing too patent or ‘perfect’ looking; and for the brave maybe the head band as well, you could probably make it more wintery by using leather fringing and knotting instead of the floral theme DVF has working…. I doubt I’ll be able to find anything similar in the shops so off to the haberdashery me thinks!

New York Fashion Week

In a completely different city and for a completely different reason the fashionistas of a different breed gathered on the red carpet for New York Fashion Week…. this is literally just the tip of the iceberg with regards to how much amazing clothes there was, but they are my favourite so they get preferential treatment I guess. Ha!

Herve Leger From Catwalk Queen New York Fashion Week

Herve Leger did not disappoint, the pale pink dress above almost brought a tear to my eye, simply beautiful. The subtle colourings and the sparkle of sequins gave the whole collection an angelic feel.

Jonathan Saunders 2009 New York Fashion Week Jonathan Saunders 2009 New York Fashion Week Jonathan Saunders New York Fashion Week 2009

Hailing all the way from my wee city, Glasgow, Jonathan Saunders totally lit up New York with his fab designs and mouthwatering colours. With a magnificent mix of fabrics, materials and textures he really showed the world his ability to drape the female form in the most flattering of manners. I predict that similar styles to the three outfits I chose above will be working their way onto the high street, not only because of their excellent design but simply for the fact that they can easily be adapted for the ordinary (but still fabulous) gal like me and you.

Alexander Wang 2009cAlexander Wang New York Fashion Week 2009
Channeling all those rock chicks out there Alexander Wang showcased a fun collection that had an undeniable 80s vibe running through it… Guns ‘n’ Roses meets Miami Vice. The combination of black and pastels looks brill, I really really love it! Note the fringing and leather accessories, surely a must for winter.

Images: Vogue And Catwalk Queen

So many awards so little time…

Jeezo there has been a lot of red carpet lovin this weekend!

Starting with MTV VMA, here’s some of my fav’s.

Christina Aguilera
It has been a long time since Christina has graced the red carpet… she’s been off making babies, and she is deffo a milf… but I am not really like the fringe or the morticia eyes. I preferred the 50’s pin up Christina better!

Katie Perry Miley Cyrus
OK I think Katy Perry is the one who sang about kissing girls. Anyways kissing girls or not, hats off at her courageous outfit! It kinda works in a burlesque way but then really doesn’t in the fact that I think her shoes clash and the pattern on the basque looks wrong. Wee Miley Cyrus looks dapper too.

Rihanna Mtv music awards
Is it just me or does Rihanna look like a X-Men character or something! Lol! Maybe its the streak of blonde in her hair or the Wonderwoman like pose… I like the outfit, a bit bland for Rihanna though.

Britney at MTV Video Music Awards
Woo Hoo! Our pop princess is back! Britters looks just like she did pre-mental meltdown. I’m not too fussed on the dress, it’s kinda a typical Britney number but good to see the gals looking a bit more sane!

Image source: Fab Sugar and Shiny Style

Keira Knightley at the Duchess Premier

Keira Knightley Duchess Premier
Keira Knightley premiered her new flick the Duchess last night in this stunning Alexis Mabille couture dress. I feel like I should hate this dress there’s something about it that I can’t put my finger on that doesn’t seem right… however, I don’t hate it, I have grown to love it! I like the colour, the netting, the 80’s vibe but I find her skinniness a little disturbing! Look at how knobbly her knees are! Don’t get me wrong Keira Knightley is stunning but she looks like she’s rattling around in this dress, I just want to feed her a big bowl of soup to get some meat on those knobbly knees of hers!

We love you Alexa!

Alexa Chung Elle Magazine

Doesn’t she look fab?
I think Alexa Chung is pretty awesome, funny because I tend to think that most of the girls that come from her T4 rock chick breeding (Miquita Oliver, Lily Allen) are all a bit annoying! They kinda think they are bit too cool for skool, but with Alexa she kinda seems more fun and nice whilst still maintaining a good level of sarcasm! She also wears pretty rocking clothes too!

Photo from Catwalk Queen.