Italia round-up

After much stress over what to pack in my minuscule holdall I finally jetted off to Italy… only to realize every I stressed over was for nothing… I looked like an outcast anyway!

So I went, I conquered, ate lots, drank even more and did a bit of shopping… yup I went to Italia and thoroughly enjoyed it if I do say so myself.

I did Pisa, Venice, Rome and Florence- some of the most beautiful cities in the world (that I have seen so far!)

Although the Grand Canal, Trevi Fountain and Leaning Tower were all highly entertaining there was another aspect of Italy I was quite taken with… its fashion.

Funny lot, Italians I have to say… Very very stylish, but don’t hate me for making this prejudice but it was all a bit dated and very very safe! As a tourist traveling from Scotland I equipped myself with the usual flip flops and summer dresses to cope with the warm weather, which in October was still very hot!

Walking around in cute dresses and sandals I have to say I have never before felt like such a social outcast! I have gathered from this trip that the Italians do not do flip flops or sandals… or colour for that matter. They are a very refined bunch that make us tourist stand out like lepers! Although I have to admit I did try to dress to impress… to blend in if you know what I mean, and I certainly spotted plenty of young American girls doing the same wearing every single designer item they owned all in one outing. I have point out also that Italians are not afraid to give you the up and down look, asses what your wearing and sneer…. and boy did I get a few dodgy looks! Wearing a nice wee orange embellished short summer dress from Zara with some gold sandals was a particular highlight… I was glared at like i was from another planet! In the end I just had to laugh, I know I looked good! I mean it was boiling hot and they were walking around as if it was the middle of winter, I am Scottish they need to let me get some sun on my pasty skin!!

Looking around at all the beautiful women (and there was a lot, very manicured and groomed) I noticed there seemed to be a bit of an Italian uniform: tight jeans, knee high boots or killer stilletos, a Gucci or Prada bag, smart shirt and a tailored jacket. Although I did notice a considerable amount of women wearing Burberry or Barbour padded jackets- oh if only I had taken my one from last winter… I would have been so cool. Perhaps next time. A bit dull, but all the same very collected and very ‘cool’…

I have to say, and this is a bold statement, Italy is not the fashion mecca I had reckoned it to be… yes it had plenty of designer stores but in general I wasn’t overawed by the “cutting-edgeness” (if that could be a word) of the fashion… where they do excel , however, is in putting together tailored, form fitting and flattering outfits that oozes sophistication and elegance- something which can often get lost when one looks to achieve a high fashion look.

Here’s a wee collage of the fashion visions I had in Italy… all to be worn with fitted skinny or tailored jeans! NO SKIRTS! A nice shirt and a tailored jacket… perhaps a cashmere scarf to top it off. But whatever you do don’t forget the sunglasses… if you forget the sunglasses you might as well not bother leaving the house!

Italian Style by laura_davis86


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