I am in search of the holy grail…

The holy grail being the ultimate winter coat EVER!

Either I have the most deformed, unusually shaped body in the world or there is a severe lack of decent winter coats out there!

Every coat I seem to try on is always too tight on the boobies and the bum area and massive in the ribcage… resulting in me looking like a big rectangular box- not good! I really like trench coat style jackets as they can be nipped in at the waist but as the rain pour constantly in Glasgow not to mention the baltic temperature the trench coat isn’t providing the protection a gal like myself needs.

In an ideal world I would be the toast of the town in this bad boy;
Burberry Gun Flap Trench Coat

The Burberry label would keep me warm enough, but alas the £825 price tag prohibits such elation, being the king of the trench coat I really do feel it is time Burberry opened up their fine wares to the masses… or perhaps just me. 😦

Reiss Marise Outerwear coat
This Reiss jacket (£225) does look like it would do the trick warmth wise, but it’s shapelessness saddens me- on a size 6 it would be fine but not for me…

The sensible side in me has so far been pushing me towards a black coat, its practical, will hide stains and will go with everything….. but there is a bigger (darker shall we say) side that is squealing “check print!! check print!!” I had resisted until I made the mistake of going onto Topshop…

Topshop Red Black Check Mohair Jacket Topshop Check bow jacket Topshop checked mohair jacket

Yeah I know what your thinking, where have Topshop been hiding these little babies! Divine, each and every one of them! Whether they will fit I don’t care all I know is that there is some wool amongst those fab checkedness which means warmth and that velvet bow on the middle jacket is AHmazing!! I think I am leaning towards the red one, the belt will nip me in and the high neck adds a bit of funk… and for only £115 it could be mine! Woo Hoo!!


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