My favourites!

I am very very addicted to reading blogs at the moment! I have a few favourite I have a quick spy at on a daily basis! By quick I mean super quick, I only get half and hour lunch! Poor me!

Although I don’t choose to photograph myself in my own blog, and although sometimes I think that those who do can look a bit like wannabes, the blogs that I read are all folks with wicked style which makes the photgraphing of oneself okay! haha!

I am a bit embarrassed to report that half of these bloggers are in fact younger than me… but heck it who cares! Style Rookie and Karla’s Closet are ones I regularly read and both which are a) Yanks b) younger than me… they have very good way of putting wee outfits together and I really like their way of writing! Although Style Rookie is a bit wacky for me, it is still addictive to see what a 12 year old fashion prodigy is up to! Karla’s Closet is ah-mazing, very sophisticated/funky (if such a combination is possible!) and she is an excellent example of how to mix designer with high street (albeit US high street!).

Back on home soil I am loving Flying Saucer– possibly the prettiest hair ever and she is very cute, and Kingdom of Style who to coin an overused fashion phrase are ‘fierce’!

Need to go now, get back to my reading!


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