New Sunday Hangover Programme!!!

There seems to have been an abundance of fashion shows hitting us this past month; Goks Fashion Fix, The Fashion Show on ITV2 (not sure if I can get over how annoying Abby Clancy is to actually enjoy it!) and now there’s Frock Me on T4 on a Sunday! Magnificent! I couldn’t think of a better time to watch a fashion based programme- there’s never anything else on so no need to fight with the boyf/parents over the remote!!

I don’t know how long its been on for but i only saw it a few Sundays ago, it was pretty good and what made even better was that it was hosted by Alexa Chung who is pretty fab! She had the most amazing Luella Bartley dress on, looked like a teeny meeny ballerina! I have to admit I would probably kill for the dress, it is gorgeous! People with a spare £595 hanging about can get it here.

Anyways, keep an eye out for the Frock Show much better than most of the other trash on the box! 🙂 I found a random YouTube vid on the show… tis pretty cool you will see for yourself!


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