Grunge me up

Since buying my flannel red plaid shirt I have became a bit grunge obsessed!

grunge fashion

I’m too young to have enjoyed the splendours grunge had to offer in the late 90’s, but I do remember my big brother being into it in a big stylee… ripped clothing, greasy hair and the guiter… a mild Kurt Cobain obsession. Well now its time for his teeneybopper sister to get grungey!

Before I get ahead of myself I need to say that I have no desire to go the full way, I have big boobs and big bum and don’t think that the whole look would look very flattering! It will have to be done in a certain stylised way- very un-antifashion! Lol! Looking at grunge kittens such as Mary Kate Olsen you can’t deny that (when done right) grunge can look v. sexy, and I am deffo aspiring to the glamorama grunge as opposed to the hardcore look!

Mix lux fabrics and detailing with grunge pieces such as high heeled Doc Martins and wife-beater vests like Felder Felder did on the catwalk-

I think I have two options to successfully pull this look off without looking like a big scary trucker…

Firstly do as MK does and team my fav shirt with some liquid leggings (am probably the only person in the UK not to own a pair, and given this fact I would like to resist even further but don’t know long I can hold off!), ok so liquid leggings, yummy high heeled Doc Martins (yes I know I used to hate them, but that was then and this is now!) and a sheer (very sheer) t-shirt, which I don’t as yet know where I will find but with a will theres a way and I will have me a sheer see throughey t shirt!

Secondly, not my favourite option but nevertheless still an option, I could wear my fav shirt tucked into my American Apparel high waisted skirt, some killer heels, a long wooly cardi, messy hair and some dark eyes…

Although in an ideal world I would be able to track down a pair of sequin leggings as seen on hen face Beckham (no I won’t ay £80 on ebay for a pair..) and wear them with a wife beater… would that be grunge?? I don’t care if it is or isn’t I’d wear it anyway!



One response to “Grunge me up

  1. Yeah !! It’s Hole with Cortney and Friends wearing long-sleeved flannel.
    Looks pretty cool, surely is ..
    Grunge Rocks~

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