Hello there stranger

Wowee it’s been a long time since I did a post! With Christmas fast approaching I have been mega busy at work and buying pressies! Although I have to admit all this spending on other people has left me with the desire to buy something for me!

As it seems to be the internet that I am doing the majority of my Christmas shopping I have also been having quick peeks around the online shops for myself! But I have to say it’s proving to be a fruitless search! I am a die hard follower of Topshop and ASOS but is it just me or does everyone seem to be a ‘diehard’ fan of Topshop and ASOS these days! I feel I can’t buy a top or dress from Topshop without someone a) telling me they were going to buy it or b) walking in with the very same item on! It makes me feel a bit done over! I like to have a wee unique outfit and then lo and behold everyone and their grans is wearing the same chuffin thing! What I am essentially saying here is that I am on a Topshop and ASOS boycott and in search of pasture new to spend my few but well earned pennies! I know I could hit the high street but Glasgow City centre at Christmas is ghastly! Far too busy for me, I get shopping rage far too easily!

Am super excited at the prospect of my online retail hunt! Any suggestions welcomed!


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