Falling in love all over again.

I have fallen in love again. With leggings.

I was a bit horrid to them all summer, opting to put them to the back of my cupboard and ignore their pleas for wearage. But after facing the bitter cold and longing to wear shorter than short dresses I have found myself digging them back out again and rekindling the love.

They say when it rains it pours, and boy is it bucketing down leggings in my huosehold! I can’t get enough of them! I have been snapping up a variety of styles, and look forward to adding to the collection even more so this winter!

I have made three calculated choices however, 1 being I will not buy into the whole liquid legging look- I do like it but you can swing a stick without whacking someone with a pair on; 2 I will not buy cotton leggings, simply because they are a bit boring and 3 I am only buying longer than long leggings to ankle or not at all I say!

My favourite purchases so far are my wool leggings from American Apparel – expensive but worth every penny, so cosy and look kind retro when worn with my spray on dresses, and secondly my plain ole shiny mix leggings from H&M’s, love them so much because they are mildly baggy at the ankle so look borderline not legging if you know what I mean??

Like any other gal out there I do have a few cheeky numbers I would love love love to own… but simply cannot afford. The first being the Sass and Bide Leather Rouched Leggings.

Future purchases possibly include the American Apparel shiny silver foil leggings, not sure what I would wear them with but they just look like so much fun! I had really wanted the Topshop sequin leggings, but alas, everyone has them! I would be but a sheep in a flock! Whatever I choose to purchase they will deffo be a bit wacky… something jazzy to go with some stripper boots…. 90’s trash. hmmmmm yummers!


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