Nudity descends upon the Golden Globes

No the celebs weren’t running around butt naked, they were running around in the creme de la creme of dresses in all shades of nude!

My favourite had to be Angie with her stunning Versace number, elegant, relaxed but still very glam.

The Golden Globes

It made me want a nude/sand/buff colour dress really bad, but to stop you looking washed out and a bit bleh does it need to be glamarama and structured to make it interesting? At first I thought maybe but then I remembered Sex and the City… as you do… and I remembered the dress Carrie wears for a date with Big (sounds a bit psycho obsessed I know but I am going somewhere with this) anywhoos she wore a simple nude coloured sheath dress which looked very vavavoom, jewellery simple, hair tousled and shoes strappy… very nice.

I doubt I will be going down the barely there dress route instead going for a mix of casual and glam, I just bought a buff coloured jumper from H&M which I really want to wear with a sparkly pink skirt or something??

Quite liking this outfit by Philip Lim, the short hem makes it quite sexy! Saw a similar skirt in H&M when I was purchasing aforementioned buff jumper, must make a return visit- lots of nice things to be snapped up for this spring summer!

Image courtesy of Vogue.


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