Finally I have been given the gift of broadband! After 9 excruitiating (sp?) months of no internet I finally have the run of the exciting place we call the internet! Woo hoo!

How this is possible is because I finally moved out of my grotty rented flat ( street name= Dick Street – how appropriate!) anyways being set up in our own pad we now have the power to get some digital tv (yas, can refuel my Hills addicitions) and broadband!

The new flat is divine, an Edwardian townhouse and since moving in for the first time ever I have became obsessed with home furnishings! Ker-razy I know!
Discovered a yum-tastic homeware website called Rockett St George…
Loving this Pin Up Pendulum clock:

And this Marmite tray – love love love Marmite! Yummers!

And last but not least this Skullduggery chair, it is actually awesome!

Check it all out at


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