The new diet- Grazing

I have known about the grazing type of diet for a while… eating little and often basically. However, you can’t be munching on sweeties and crisps in small quanties throughout the day and think the diet will still work, for it to really be effective you need to be munching the green rabbit food stuff! For this very reason I have never bothered with it, fruit and veg is expensive, I can never be arsed making anything up before work and usually most if the food ends up going off before I even remember I have it.

I came across Graze boxes on Twitter the other day, looked it up and lo and behold it is a food delivery service specifically for those on the graze diet. Each box costs £2.99 and it can be delivered to your work, taking all the hassle out of having to prepare something. You can choose which type of box you would like- pre gym box, well being box… etc and can say what kind of foods you like.

Anyway I signed up for this fancy service this week and got my first box delivered today, on the menu- pineapple, cashew nuts and Amazon nut mix. It all looked good and dandy until lunch time came and all my lovely colleague tucked into their sandwiches- I had my pineapple, followed with my nut snacks seperated by 2 hour breaks.

Yum Yum

Yum Yum

All in all it was pretty good (especially with the delivery service), I didn’t feel too hungry at the end of the day and I felt pretty good so I think I will keep it up. You can choose when you get the box delivered and you do not have to sign up to a contract or anything silly.

I would recommend the Graze Box to anyone looking to have a bit of healthiness on occasion, visit their website at


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