My Feathery Friend

Whilst at the Vintage fair at the weekend I came across a lovely brand called Skoczena who did the most beautiful millinery, embroidery and jewellery I have seen in a long time.

I’m going through a bit of a country phase at the moment, i.e. tweed jacket, Barbour coat, string of pearls and the preppy shirt, much to the hilarity of my fellow office workers. Anyway I fell in love with Skoczena’s amazing handmade feathered brooches, and although they would fit in with my current theme I also think they would look pretty fierce worn with an uber contemporary dress or a structured Vivien Westwood shirt , yi’no mixing old with new.

Have a look:

Skoczena feather brooch

Skoczena feather brooch

I am a big fan of the feathered ones but love the mix of the vintage brooch with the kinda tartan material… all very Scottish and lovely.

Visit the Skoczena here.


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