Do it to me baby

I’ve always been a shoe girl, I worked in Office during my university years and my shoes collection literally grew by the week- 35% discount & a mild shoe addiction does not a healthy bank balance make! I literally ploughed all my money into shoes and kind of forgot about the other passion many other women lust over, the handbag. I would literally be dancing about town in the latest, highest and craziest shoes ever accessorised with a Pradamark clutch.

As I’ve moved into working into 9-5 the growth of my shoe collection has waned (not enough wardrobe space + no 35% discount = sad me! ) but I have started paying a bit more attention to handbags, in particular It bags, I can’t actually afford a geniune It bag and I shy away from the imposters because I look like I can’t afford them and if most people are like myself they will just assume it is fake. However, I have dabbled a wee bit with bags which I would consider to be It bags! I def disagree with the common concept of the It bag, high priced with a long waiting list, I think the term of It bag should be broadened to incorporate any look at me bag that is not a product of the high street chains, why should us girls with smaller be refused the idea of owning an It bag of some sort?!

The bag I have just now which I consider to be my It bag is an Angel Jackson number and I’ve now got my eye on a couple other which aren’t quite at the same price level as Dior but splendid enough to be considered an It bag in its own right.

Mimi Charlie £155

Jocasi Girl about Town bag £110


Max C Studded London bag £28.00


Angel Jackson Disco Rainbow Jai £232


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