oh, i wish i could be a cowboy…

Cowgirl retro poster


annie get your gun movie poster


In all seriousness I think I would make a good cowgirl! I have became mildy obsessed with retro images of old school cowgirls! I think it has been a slow burner all starting with my plaid shirts which then progressed to ankle studded boots which then progressed to denim shirts which then, I am not ashamed whatsoever to admit, progressed to the purchase of some serious feather earrings… it could be the Yank in me or it could be that I am slightly bored of wearing normal clothes but the inner child in me really really wants to dress up as a cowboy for work tomorrow.

Get the sheriff

Too much?? I thought so, I couldn’t help it- features my fav boots and shirt both from Topshop!


2 responses to “oh, i wish i could be a cowboy…

  1. I don’t think it’s too much – well, maybe the dress is a bit much for work…

  2. Yeah! not too sure if it is a client friendly outfit!

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