What a doll

Is it just me or was Dolly Parton the best back in the day?!

I present exhibit A

I present exhibit B

My brain is having trouble computing how amazing her hair looks and the fact that she also went on to produce such magnificence such as Steel Magnolias and 9 to 5 (I pretend to hate it but deep down I love it!)… With my current obsession with all things cowboys it only feels natural that I throw myself into it full heartedly which means, having mega hair!

I have two technques (when in a rush I do the GHDs for curls but it tends to leave me a bit flat up top and I need a bit of volume y’know) the first technique is blow drying your hair with a massive barrel brush.

A lot of my friends complain that they cannot work with their hair, the brush and the hairdryer all at the same time, it is hard but once you get the hand of it it is really easy. The key is to use volume mousse ( I prefer Toni & Guy stuff) and blow drying your hair until it is around 90% dry before you even pick up the barrel brush. Once 90% dry, I work through my hair starting with the underlayer at the base of my neck. Start at the top bring the brush to the full length of the hair, just as you get to the end of the section of hair quickly roll the brush up wrapping the hair around it focus the heat of the dryer on your hair as it is rolled around your brush. Focus the heat for about 10 seconds then let the heat of the brush continue to do the work. After another 10 seconds carefully unroll the hair, do not pull the brush down thus tangling your hair up and ruining the achived curl! I wouldn’t worry to much about getting a full curl on the underside of your hair but on the top part I like to redo it until I get a bit of a seventies curl on the go- when styling the front curl sections away from your face to create a seventies Charlies Angel look.

The other way I (try to) get volume and a bit of curl is with rollers! Everyone knows how to put rollers in, I would just recommed that you focus on the crown and top sections of you hair again wrapping the hair around the rollers away from the face, use a spray gel on the roots, pull the rollers down the hair from the roots smoothing the section of hair and spreading the gel throughout, wind the section of hair up and use a kirby grip to hold the wee velcro roller in place. Do this all over and spray with hairspray and give a wee blast of the hair dryer. Leave the rollers in for a maximum amount of time, I leave it for an hour usually and unwind in the same way as above taking care not to frizz it up- the roots will be a bit crispy so get a round brush and carefully brush the sections out ensuring the volume is kept, and top up with major hairspray. This wont give as much curlage but is guaranteed to give volume!

If all else fails invest in a Lady Schick…. came across this amazing vid on YouTube, features the late Farrah Fawcett (RIP) the queen of the 70s flick.


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