Bargains to be found

Everyone loves a bargain, none more so than me!

When it comes to fashion many people prefer to invest than to buy throw away fashion- I swing both ways. I really enjoy saving up for an expensive handbag or shoes but if I have a sudden outfit emergency then I cannot resist to impulse buy cheap throwaway items which will no doubt either fall to pieces or go out of fashion by the following season.

On the rare occasion, however, I have picked up a riduculously cheap item in an equally as cheap and random store and years later I am still wearing it; Matalan, Asda, Florence and Fred at Tesco, TKMaxx and Primark are all favourites (although even I, the bargain hunter that I am, have to admit that you have to hunt long and hard in Primark to find something that will last more than 2 washes and still be intact and the same size).

Shoes are a bit of a trickier situation, again Matalan has provided me with numerous excellent finds that, yeah they might have the squeak of cheap plastic and get scruffed far too easily, have done me well on lots of crazee nights out. In fact I have one pair of black patent white trimmed peeptoe shoe boots, based on a Gucci pair I believe, that have garnered so much compliments from random strangers that they have been carefully hidden away for fear that they might all of a sudden fall to piece and never be wearable again.

Anyway a new online store has came to my attention, which by the looks of it seems to sell bargain shoes in high fashion designs taking inspiration from popular high street styles. Now the difficulty I face in buying cheaps shoes online is the inability to try on… this is the key for any bargain hunter, if it doesn’t fit or looks the £10 price tage then it can no longer be deemed a bargain! My logic is, a bargain is something that if the items looks more expensive and can be fobbed off as having a more expensive price tag then it truly is a bargain.

Linzi Shoes is a debatable resource for bargain shoes, some look very wearable and passable as Topshop bought whilst others look cheap as…. thats just my personal opinion of course other peoples opinions of what looks good and what doesn’t may differ.

Anyway, I feel like I may have hit the bargain lottery; I have found a pair of shoes similar to brothel creepers which not only fulfill the bargain criteria but also fulfil a long and ardous search I have been having…

Please excuse the shoddy picture, for £28 pounds I feel happy that they will fulfil my Autumn shoe requirement. Next pay slip they are getting snapped up and worn with tights and denim cut offs… and if they fall apart at the first instance of rain then at least I would have looked good for whatever fraction of time I wore them for!

I’ll keep you informed!


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