Arm candy

I do enjoy a masculine watch, for as long as I can remember I have wanted a Rolex, in particular the Submariner- purely because my dad has one and I have spent my entire life trying it on and tinkeling away with the rotating bezel (I think thats what its called!)…

rolex Submariner Rouge1680The only problem is (of course) the price tag, with a severe lack of a £££ kicking about my purse I have to put these dreams of Rolex to bed- for the meantime. There are plenty other beautifully crafted time pieces out there to keep me occupied, far too many in fact and my love for watches has turned into a bit of an obsession… some other styles I am loving include:

mickey mouse watch

Funnily enough my want for a mickey mouse watched started long time back when I read Dan Browns Angels and Demons and a character wore a mickey mouse watch… I have been keeping my eye out for an adult one for a while and now low and behold Urban Outfitters have started stocking them… not too sure if this makes me want to buy it or not though, I remember the Casio watches going from quite rare to everyone wearing them in an instant.

swatch villians collection

Do you remember Swatch watches when you were wee… I had one of the fabric ones that had the pop on pop off dial watch bit… was amazing! They really need to bring that style back in! Well I have developed a mild obsession with Swatch watches again I love bright and quirky watches and thats Swatch speciality isn’t it really, in particular this 007 Villian limited edition one, which I saw in my last escapade abroad. I failed to buy because of the crappy exchange rate and now it appears to be no longer available, I am truly upset! It glows in the dark and everything- awesome I know!

toy watch

Lastly, the Toy watch! Its almost like a wee plastic Rolex without the price tag! They are amazing, and are getting snapped up left right and centre, and I really want to be one of the lucky people who gets one because I hear they are selling out everywhere! They are a bargain at about £100 (I think), made of rubber but still retaining a chunky look and come in the bestest colours.

If bright and rubber is your flavour then you should check out Too Late watches, not my cup of tea but my boyfriend has one, loves it and wears it a lot…


They are cheap, fun and come in a wee cute jar! We got ours in Italy so not sure of stockists here but I would recommend them for anyone looking for some colourful arm candy that doesn’t break the bank- ours cost about 20 euros!


One response to “Arm candy

  1. I just LOVE Toywatch watches. Almost bought a pink one around new year but ended up with a gorgeous D&G one which is far more classic.
    They were £115 around then and are now about £125 (priced in Selfridges yesterday) 🙂

    Florrie x

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