Four days of Amsterdam

I am newly back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam…

Amongst the cheese, windmills, tulips, red light district, clogs and canals I had a swell ole time, well aside from almost getting swindled by some dodgy waitress and the bf being pick pocketed.

Amsterdam overall is a very relaxed city and I really loved that everyone cycled everywhere, inspired by all the skinny girls on their bikes (many of which were cycling to and from work in pretty dresses and heels) I am in the market to get my very own push bike which I will decorate with flowers and have sparkly tassle bits that my mum would never let me have when I was younger (boo! to mummy D).

Anyway I thought I would share some pictures of my adventures:

DSC01630Chillaxin with a beerio

DSC01588I found this hilarous because my dads name is Bob!

AmsterdamThe VondelPark

DSC01702One of many beautiful scenes in Amsterdam

DSC01713All I captured on the Red Light District


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