Space age eyes

Lily Allen has been fairly hitting the festival scene this year, I saw her at T in the Park and she was amazing, and not only have I been loving her penchant for underwear as outwear, I have also been loving her eye make up.

lily allen eye makeup

LillyAllen12072009_TITP_460 copy

*lily allen Aug. 11

I love this silvery eye look, its like she is a sci fi super hero with a hint of Jem…


In a word I think the look is a amazing, fairly easy to replicate a bit of Benefit High Beam (tones of), Urban Decay eye liner in silver and Mac glitter…  I think it would be pretty cool to get your hands on some silver or gold leaf  that would look pretty cool across the eyes and high cheekbone area.

silver eyes

Hold the phone I managed to find a gold leaf make up product, the Sephora Glam Box…

sephora gold leaf box

Veeeeeery interesting although it seems to be onlye available in the US… my search continues…


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