Tights tights & more tights

Working in an office where I have a certain level of client interaction dictates that I have to dress reasonably smart to work, I manage reasonably well to stay creative with my work outfits playing around with one shouldered tops, shoulder pads, high waisted skirts, brooches etc but my biggest ally has to be the tights.

I have a rapidly growing selection of tights, around 20 I think, of which only 2 pairs are the bog standard black opaque bad boys- I have yellow, lace, spearmint, floral, seamed… everything! And this Autumn/Winter things are only going to get better as the catwalks are telling me tights of all colour, texture and madness are going to be hitting the shops!


My favourites have to be the bejewelled, dotted and mirrored styles;

Balenciaga had the most dainty dotted tights which have been featured throughout all the magazines, they are lovely and will be a brilliant buy for work.

balenciaga tights

Henry Holland has also designed some brilliant tights for Pretty Polly worth a look.

Henry Holland for Pretty PollyHenry Holland for Pretty Polly suspender

I also found this brilliant mirrored footless tights by Ritzyknits on Etsy

mirror dot tights etsy

Perhaps my favourite has to be the Bebaroque Repunzal tights

bebaroque repunzal tight

Runway images courtesy of Vogue.co.uk


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